Western Australian Sandalwood Seed

Western Australian Sandalwood Seed

The West Australian Sandalwood tree (Santalum spicatum R.Br.) is well known for it’s fragrant heartwood.

Wescorp has closely monitored the rapid increase in supply of Western Australian Sandalwood seeds sourced from maturing trees in plantations. It is now believed that on average over 500 tonnes of seeds are produced from plantations in Western Australia every year, this figure will continue to grow as more plantations are established and continue to mature.

Wescorp’s seed project aimed to develop a product from the seeds that would potentially provide a secondary source of income for Sandalwood growing communities. By utilising the Sandalwood seeds, farmers sustain an ongoing income whilst waiting for their trees to mature. Wescorp recommend that Sandalwood trees stay in the ground for at least 30 years to produce high quality fragrant wood.

The Wescorp group have been researching the Sandalwood Seed since 2000. Research scientist Dhanushka (Danny) Hettiarachichi (BPharm, MPharm, PhD, MRACI CChem) joined Wescorp in 2007 and has since dedicated 7 years to developing a high quality marketable oil.

Through Danny’s research development and testing Wescorp have discovered that the Sandalwood Seed Oil has unique properties that are highly sought after in the cosmetic industry.

The natural blend of oleic and ximenynic acids provide a unique combination that is safe to apply directly onto the skin making it a desirable constituent in cosmetics. Ximenynic acid is well known for it’s pharmacological properties which include anti-inflammatory, anti oxidation effects, and increased circulation to the skin, resulting in reduce hair loss, sebum secretion, cellulitis and reducing the appearance of aging in the skin.

Studies confirming the pharmacological activity of the sandalwood seed provide evidence for the traditional therapeutic uses by Aboriginal Australians.

Wescorp has always considered Sandalwood Seed Oil as a unique natural product. Danny Hettiarachichi has developed an innovative green extraction method that maintains the composition and characteristics of the natural Sandalwood seed kernel, while removing the undesired proteins and waxes to produce the highest quality clean Sandalwood Seed Oil. Wescorp currently have a patent pending on this extraction method of Sandalwood Seed Oil.

Aboriginal culture has played a major role in the development of Wescorp Sandalwood Seed Oil. As part of our respect and gratitude to the Aboriginal people of Western Australia, Wescorp, and Dr Richard Walley, and Robyn Smith-Walley will be establishing a foundation with a percentage of sales from Wescorp’s Sandalwood Oil to be donated to the foundation.

Richard and Robyn will be auspicing educational culture workshops for Aboriginal youth to gain a better understanding of their cultural heritage. We believe this will enhance their confidence and pride and prepare them for the future, life challenges they may endure in the early parts of their rich lives.