Welcome To Wescorp

“A tree that has strong roots laughs at the storm” (Malay Proverb)

Wescorp Holdings Pty Ltd is a private holding company with 100% owned subsidiary companies that operate in the industry of Agarwood and Sandalwood. It was established in September 1987 as a public unlisted company when Wesfarmers Ltd sold the Wesfarmers International business to Wescorp. The company was privatised in 2004 when Coakley Pastoral Company increased its shareholding to over 50%. Wescorp is built around its people, Sandalwood, Agarwood and their products.

Wescorp Sandalwood Pty Ltd is the world specialist in processing and marketing Sandalwood. Operating since 1994 and is familiar with all species of Sandalwood. Proudly an independent operation that is there to serve all sandalwood growers as it does not own any sandalwood plantations itself. Wescorp Sandalwood manages Santalum spicatum plantations for growers and has specialised mechanical sandalwood seed harvesting equipment to enhance growers income before harvesting.

Wescorp Agarwood Pty Ltd has the sub license from CA Ltd for the inducement and marketing of cultivated Agarwood products for Australia, Tonga, Fiji and Vanuatu. Wescorp Agarwood introduced the first seeds to Australia in 2007. First tree harvest and processing commenced late 2016. Australian grown (CITES Approved) products now available.

New Mountain Merchants Pty Ltd is a manufacturer, brand owner, and marketeer of finished Sandalwood and Agarwood products to Australian retailers and distributors overseas. Further details can be found on its web-site at www.newmountain.com.au



Wescorp recognises the Whadjuk people of Noongar boodja as the traditional owners of the land that Wescorp operates on.

We pay our respect to the Noongar boodja Elders past, present and future; and we recognise and support their peoples continued connection to the land.