Policy Statements

The Wescorp Group (Wescorp)

Occupational Safety And Health Policy

Wescorp Sandalwood Pty Ltd is the world leader within the global sandalwood industry and a specialist in Santalum spicatum sandalwood. It processes and markets over 2,000 tonne of Western Australian sandalwood per annum. It is the agent for Forest Products Commission of Western Australia for processing and marketing all of the Government’s sandalwood. Wescorp Sandalwood produces approximately 1200 tonne of powdered sandalwood of various values per annum which are exported directly to the agarbatti industry in suitable regions of the world. The balance is sold as pre-grind with very little being exported as “raw” sandalwood.

Wescorp recognises the importance of providing all employees, customers and visitors with a safe and healthy work environment. We are committed to the continuous improvement of occupational safety and health performance in the workplace whilst complying with all relevant state and federal occupational health and safety legislation that affects our industry, workplace and employees and staff members. Wescorp’s OSH system relies on the active participation and cooperation of both management and employees and is designed to raise awareness of safety and health obligations and to promote safer work practices.

Wescorp is committed to preventing all occupational injuries and illness and will seek to achieve this by:

  • Providing a safe place of work.
  • Implementing safe working methods and providing safe plant and use of equipment in accordance with current OSH legislation.
  • Complying with relevant current OSH related legislation.
  • Conducting regular inspections of the workplace.
  • Remaining committed to preventing exposure to all types of hazards.
  • Ensuring that management provides all employees with information, instruction and supervision to perform their work in a manner which will not expose them to hazards.
  • Training employees in the safe performance of their allocated responsibilities.
  • Ensuring that management communicates regularly with staff on up to date information about any changes to the workplace which may affect safety and health.
  • Providing adequate systems and resources to effectively manage the return to work of employees who receive injuries or illness in the course of their work.
  • Implementing measureable safety objectives that are relevant to the nature of the sandalwood industry and centre on reducing work related injury.

Wescorp encourages its staff to:

  • Take care of themselves, other employees, customers and visitors whilst at Wescorp.
  • Follow procedure and report all known or observed workplace hazards or concerns.
  • Actively participate in safety improvement activities.
  • Maintain a clean and orderly work area.
  • Respect the policy statement and the safety system.

The Wescorp Safety and Induction Manual is available to staff at all times. Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy statement is a public document and part of staff induction.

This policy is reviewed annually as part of Wescorp’s commitment to continuous improvement in safety management.
Authorised by:

Tim Coakley
Executive Chairman
February 2016

Quality and Environmental Policy Statement

The focus of Wescorp Sandalwood, its management and its interested related parties is to:

  • Produce high quality sandalwood products to be exported to the world while maintaining responsible environment management.
  • Provide sandalwood services including analytical laboratory services and technical reports to the Wescorp Group and independent stakeholders.
  • Remain committed to sandalwood sustainability, conduct research and development on sandalwood projects and work with various stakeholders to ensure the long-term protection of the sandalwood industry. Assist in the development of sandalwood orchid trial at Gidgegannup property.
  • Maintain a high standard of community and business ethics within all aspects of our operation, including environmental awareness, sustainability and compliance with our ISO certification and all applicable legal requirements and other requirements.
  • Remain committed to preventing all types of pollution that may occur from our operational activities.
  • Acknowledge a responsibility to protecting the environment. Remain committed to implementing practices that will promote environmental sustainability and integrate into our everyday work operations.  Continue to provide training to our staff on environmental matters.
  • Exercise and maintain responsible environmental management in all our practices by setting realistic objectives and targets that promote continual improvement of our IMS system and a concentrated effort on preventing our emissions.
  • Focus our objectives and targets on reducing and minimizing all types of pollution that Wescorp facility and operations produces.  Ensure our objectives and targets are focused on continual improvement of the operations.
  • Remain committed to complying with and continually improving our quality system.
  • This Quality and Environmental Policy Statement is to be read in conjunction with the Mission Statement and Objectives of the Wescorp Group.  A copy of these documents are visible at the Wescorp premises upon entrance to the office so that outside parties may view it.  The Policy Statement is made known to all employees through the induction process.  It is available to the public through the Wescorp website www.wescorp.com.au
  • The Quality and Environmental Policy Statement is reviewed yearly.

Authorised by

Tim Coakley
Executive Chairman – Wescorp Sandalwood Pty Ltd
March 2020