Policy Statements

Work, Health & Safety Policy Statement

Wescorp recognises the importance of providing all employees, customers, visitors and contractors with a safe and healthy working environment. The management and staff are dedicated in ensuring that its operations are in compliance with existing legislations and work, health & safety (WHS) system in place.

Also, Wescorp is committed to continuously improve its procedures and WHS system through the active participation and cooperation of its employees to raise awareness about work, health & safety practices.

Wescorp’s top management is responsible for:

  • Maintaining safe working environment (office & factory), processes, equipment and facilities for welfare of all staff
  • Complying to relevant work, health & safety legislations
  • Maintaining standard routine inspections to minimize or eliminate injury and hazard/risk exposures
  • Providing any information, instruction, training, resources, and supervision for awareness of proper work, health & safety practices
  • Communicating with staff any work, health & safety related matters and issues
  • Setting and implementing work, health & safety objectives that are relevant to the nature of Wescorp’s industry

Wescorp encourages its staff, visitors and contractors in:

  • Ensuring their own personal health and safety and that of others
  • Following all work, health & safety procedures as well as guidelines
  • Reporting all known or observed workplace injury, hazard/risk or concern
  • Participating actively and cooperating to all health & safety activities along with its improvements
  • Adhering to the company’s policy statement and health & safety system

Our Work, Health and Safety Policy statement is a public document and part of our induction training for New Staff, Visitors and Contractors. The policy is reviewed annually as part of Wescorp’s Management Review meeting and commitment to continuous improvement in work, health & safety management.

Quality and Environmental Policy Statement

The focus of Wescorp Sandalwood, its management and its interested related parties is to:

  • Produce high quality sandalwood products to be exported to the world while maintaining responsible environment management.
  • Provide sandalwood services including analytical laboratory services and technical reports to the Wescorp Group and independent stakeholders
  • Remain continuously committed in supporting the sustainability, research study and development projects for  sandalwood with various stakeholders including plantations to ensure the long-term protection of the sandalwood (spicatum) and its industry. Assist in the development of sandalwood orchid trial at Gidgegannup property.
  • Maintain a high standard of community and business ethics within all aspects of our operation, including environmental awareness, sustainability and compliance with our ISO certification and all applicable legal requirements and other requirements.
  • Remain committed to preventing all types of pollution that may occur from our operational activities.
  • Acknowledge a responsibility to protecting the environment. Remain committed to implementing practices that will promote environmental sustainability and integrate into our everyday work operations.  Continue to provide training to our staff on environmental matters.
  • Exercise and maintain responsible environmental management in all our practices by setting realistic objectives and targets that promote continual improvement of our IMS system and a concentrated effort on preventing our emissions.
  • Focus our objectives and targets on reducing and minimizing all types of pollution that Wescorp facility and operations produces.  Ensure our objectives and targets are focused on continual improvement of the operations.
  • Remain committed to complying with and continually improving our quality system.
  • This Quality and Environmental Policy Statement is to be read in conjunction with the Mission Statement and Objectives of the Wescorp Group.  A copy of these documents are visible at the Wescorp premises upon entrance to the office so that outside parties may view it.  The Policy Statement is made known to all employees through the induction process.  It is available to the public through the Wescorp website www.wescorp.com.au
  • The Quality and Environmental Policy Statement is reviewed yearly.

Both policies are authorised by:

Tim Coakley

Executive Chairman

August 2022