Tim Coakley

Tim Coakley

Executive Chairman of Wescorp Holdings Pty Ltd and
Manager of Wescorp Pacific Sandalwood Pty Ltd and Wescorp Agarwood Pty Ltd

Tim Coakley joined the Group as a Non-Executive Director in 1990. He held the position of the Group’s Chairman for a period twelve months before becoming its Managing Director, a position he held from 1992 to October 2002, when he retired

After a break from work in October 2002, Tim increased his shareholding in Wescorp to over 50% in July 2004 and privatised Wescorp. Since July 2004 Tim has been the Executive Chairman and works full-time. All managers answer directly to Tim and he specialises in new projects, product development, and sales.

In 1994, Tim and Wescorp played a major role in the importation of sheep embryos from South Africa, successfully establishing the the SAMM, Dorper and Damara sheep breeds. This has resulted in effective breeding programs embraced by sheep producers throughout Australia.

Since 1988, Tim has spent about two to three months a year in the overseas markets where he has strong and old business friendships. Tim has travelled around the world learning about the sandalwood industry from supply to the end users. He is very passionate about a sustainable sandalwood industry, his staff and Wescorp. In his spare time he likes to go fishing.