Boolamarr means ‘many hands’ in the language of the Nyoongar people of the South West of Western Australia.

Boolamarr is a 100% Aboriginal owned brand, created by owners Dr Richard Walley OAM Nyoongar Statesman and his wife, Robyn Smith-Walley. The Walley family are actively involved in Nyoongar culture and the Arts, delivering cultural consultancy/advisory, cultural awareness and learning programmes, music performances, and contemporary events for over 30 years.

Boolamarr Hygiene Range

Boolamarr manufactures a range of hygiene hand wash and sanitiser products which are made in Australia and are inspired by traditional Aboriginal use of native plants, developed for modern applications.  Richard and Robyn have a long rich history of over 2000 generations passing on the knowledge and cultural wisdom, of the benefits of Australian native plants.

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Boolamarr Industrial Range

In 2017 Boolamarr launched the Industrial range exclusive to Blackwoods. The Boolamarr Industrial range includes Heavy Duty Hand Wash, Degreaser and Truck Wash. Manufactured in Western Australia and using unique Australian native ingredients.

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Boolamarr art work hand painted by Dr Richard Walley

Boolamarr supports Aboriginal youth groups by using Sandalwood Seed Oil

A percentage from Sandalwood Seed Oil sales is returned to sandalwood growing communities by Aboriginal owned Kworp Marr Pty Ltd. These donations directly fund cultural and educational workshops through language and the arts for Aboriginal youth.

Dr Richard Walley OAM Nyoongar Statesman

Richard’s life has been incredibly diverse and full of achievements. Richard has received an Order of Australia medal and several honorary doctorates for his contribution to Nyoongar culture and the Arts. To learn more about Richard and the Walley family, please visit their website at www.aboriginalproductions.com.au