Antibacterial Compounds of Conkerberry: A study on Root of Indigenous Australian Medicinal Plant Carissa lanceolata R.Br.

Wescorp is proud to announce our resident Scientist Dhanushka Hettiarachchi has published his first book – a study on the antibacterial compounds of Conkerberry.

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Setting Benchmarks: Quality Assurance of Cultivated Agarwood
Powerpoint Presentation (3.5mB)


Growing Agarwood in Australia
Powerpoint Presentation (5.4mB)


Assessment of Western Australian sandalwood seeds for seed oil production (2012)
pdf article (622kB)


Agarwood resin production and resin quality of Gyrinops walla Gaertn (2012)
pdf article (31kB)


Contents of Fatty Acids, Selected Lipids and Physicochemical Properties of Western Australian Sandalwood Seed Oil (2012)
pdf article (31kB)


Essential oil content and composition of Indian sandalwood (Santalum album) in Sri Lanka (2013)
pdf article (43kB)


Agarwood-type Resin from Gyrinops walla Gaertn: A New Discovery (2012)
pdf article (39kB)


Abstract – West Australian Sandalwood Seed Oil
pdf article (188kB)


Quality analysis of cultivated sandalwood trees from WA wheatbelt region for ASN (Dec 2009)
pdf article (236kB)


Gene Clue to Good Oil in Sandalwood (03/08/2009)
online article