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Wescorp Pacific Sandalwood (WPS)

WPS was established in 2005 and specialises in all other Santalum sandalwood other than spicatum. This merchant company trades and adds value to Santalum lanceolatum, yasi, macgregorii, and austrocaledonicum products.

With its knowledge and strong relationship in other regions it supplies the market with raw sandalwood, pre-grind sandalwood, sandalwood oil, and spent charge. Sales vary and depend largely on the stability of the supply regions of the world. WPS only trades with suppliers that are actively harvesting in a sustainable manner and encourages replanting and the involvement of indigenous communities.

WPS contracts WS and other oil distillers to produce quality products that fit the customer’s requirements. All sandalwood oils are sold with a GC analysis from the WS laboratory and prices reflect the santalol levels of each product. For your requirements, trust WPS to source the right products.