Dhanushka Hettiarachichi

Research Scientist

Dhanushka (Danny) has been with Wescorp since March 2007 and is predominantly responsible for maintaining and developing the Wescorp Laboratory. As Research Scientist, Danny involved in the research projects conducted within the Wescorp Group and in collaboration with other organisations. He’s also responsible for the quality assurance on sandalwood and sandalwood oil samples.


Major research projects Danny has undertaken for Wescorp include fixed oil extraction from Sandalwood seeds, developing a universally acceptable method to assess the quality of sandalwood timber and studying the different causes which alter the quality of sandalwood essential oil. He is a member of a research team with Curtin University and Sri Jayewardenepura University to conduct research on Sandalwood in Sri Lanka, which was recently awarded a National Research Council (Sri Lanka) Grant. Agarwood has brought new challenges to the Wescorp laboratory, which would be the next major research project in years to come.


Danny was awarded Doctor of Philosophy degree from Curtin University for his thesis titled Pharmaceutical Evaluation of Western Australian Sandalwood Seed Oil. He holds a Master of Pharmacy degree from Curtin University and a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Sri Ramachandra University, India. He is a Member and Chartered Chemist of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and a Member of Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists. He is currently enrolled at Curtin University as a doctoral research candidate.


Danny has a research experience in chemistry and formulation aspects of natural products since 2003. He has contributed to international and national peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings. His research interests are focused mainly on extraction method development, quality assurance and oxidation of essential oils and plant lipids. In his spare time, Danny enjoys photography and playing Tabla.


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Book Chapters

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Journal Publications

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Conference Proceedings

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