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Wescorp Sandalwood

Wescorp Expands Sandalwood Services to Growers

Wescorp Sandalwood has had a long relationship with the Western Australian sandalwood industry dating back to 1994 when it won the Government contract to process and market sandalwood harvested from Crown land. Some 18 years later Wescorp remains a driving force in the world’s sandalwood industry and through its agency agreement with the Forest Products Commission (FPC) has become the world’s largest supplier of sandalwood products.

The company has evolved over this time and has built on its passion to deliver the best outcomes as required through its processing and marketing contract with the FPC. Today the new Wescorp sandalwood factory is based in Canning Vale and Wescorp continues to invest in new technologies, equipment and processes to best serve the industry and its people. Long-time Rangelands forester and government forest section manager Grant Pronk has joined the Wescorp team, his appointment broadens Wescorp’s abilities to provide a range of professional services to all sandalwood growers.

Today sandalwood growers can benefit from Wescorp’s expertise through a range of plantation services that are now offered. These services include all aspects of plantation management from planning to harvest to selling. Plantation stand assessments together with wood quality analysis performed in the Wescorp laboratory now provides growers with an insight to their plantation’s growth and potential value.

Wescorp maintains its involvement in the developing sandalwood nut industry and are also interested in growers looking to sell nuts.

For further enquires please contact Wescorp; Grant Pronk on 040 988 2280.