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Wescorp Holdings Pty Ltd is a private holding company with four 100% owned subsidiary companies that operate in the industry of Sandalwood and Agarbatti. It was established in September 1987 as a public unlisted company when Wesfarmers Ltd sold the Wesfarmers International business to Wescorp. The company was privatised in 2004 when Coakley Pastoral Company increased its shareholding to over 50%. Wescorp is built around its people, sandalwood and agarbatti.

Wescorp Sandalwood Pty Ltd is the world specialist in Santalum spicatum sandalwood. It processes and markets over 2,000 tonne of Western Australian sandalwood per annum. It is the agent for Forest Products Commission of Western Australia for processing and marketing all of the Governments sandalwood.

New Mountain Sandalwood Pty Ltd is a manufacturer, brand owner, and marketeer of finished sandalwood products to Australian retailers and distributors overseas. Further details can be found on its web-site at

Wescorp Agarwood Pty Ltd has the sub license from CA Ltd for the inducement and marketing of cultivated Agarwood products for Australia, Tonga, Fiji and Vanuatu. Wescorp Agarwood introduced the first seeds to Australia in 2007.

Wescorp Pacific Sandalwood Pty Ltd specialises in all other Santalum sandalwood other than spicatum. This merchant company trades in Santalum lanceolatum, yasi and austrocaledonicum.

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August 2013
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Wescorp is proud to announce our resident Scientist Dhanushka Hettiarachchi has published his first book...more

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July 2010
Wescorp Sandalwood
2010 Finalist - Champion Employer of the Year!

Wescorp Sandalwood is a national finalist in the Champion Employer of the Year category... more

Wescorp Joins Hands with Sri Jayewardenepura University on Sandalwood Research in Sri Lanka (July 2010) - pdf article (10KB)