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Experiments and Trials

In co-operation with the James Cook University, Dr Tony Page and post graduate researcher Anton Lata, we have a great deal of information available for propagation and growing Aquilaria in Australia. Most importantly WA knows it will grow very well in identified regions and we will continue to find suitable genetics to expand the regions in Australia Fiji, Tonga and Vanuatu.

Further trials are continuing and the information will be available on request by suitable applicants. Please contact this office for details.

Wescorp Agarwood together with James Cook University has increased Aquilaria research and development programmes in Far North Queensland (FNQ). New programmes include nursery nutrient trials, seedling pot / planting trials, plantation soil profiling / nutrition and plus tree cloning.

The results of these trials will provide both immediate and long term benefits that will contribute to developing FNQ as Australia’s premium Aquilaria growing region.